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Posted Dezember 25th, 2011 in Android by ov3rk1ll

Nearly 6 months have passed and I somehow promised, that after my military service, I’ll continue the development of the OGame for Android app.

Today I’m writing this to tell you why that I might not happen.

There a more than one reason that makes me consider to stop the development for this app. Some of them are small but I’ll try to explain the bigger ones to you.

  1. Time: Anyone of you playing OGame may have noticed this but I’ll tell you anyway, OGame needs a lot of time if you want to be successful in this game. However, you only need to invest this time once. For the development, I need to invest time into the game so I can invest time to develop the app. I need a moon to add moon-feature to the app. I need all types of ships the test and add feature, same thing is for building and research. Building up an account that has access to every feature, and more important not getting rapped all the time takes a lot of effort and time.
  2. Gameplay: A huge problem is the gameplay itself. You have to build a big fleet and/or build defense, both things that take tons of resources. Resources you don’t have to invest into buildings or research you need to implement new features. When you don’t use your resources to build defense and try to save them up for said building, you’ll lose them to someone with a bigger fleet. (On a side note: No, I’ll not get up at 3 am to save my fleet!)
  3. The way the app works: OGame does not provide an API to access data or send commands of any sort (Not counting the commander RSS-feed, because that’s a paid feature). The app crawls through the generated html and js output that is used for any browser. Getting data this way is always a very bad idea. I there is only one line of code changed it might break the entire app and I have to redo work I may have done weeks or even months ago. Also Gameforge does not apply updates on every server at the same time, so while if fix bugs on one server, I’ll break a working app for someone in another country.


So how can I, or better to say, how can we work around those 3 big problems?

  • Easiest way: Gameforge, make a API! ….. Won’t happen I guess. If I were Gameforge I won’t do it either. The can control exactly how people play their game and they won’t give up this control.
  • Not very possible way: Help from Gameforge. They give me access to some kind of test universe where I can control multiple accounts and have all the resources. Gameforge (not sure if he were an employee – he was responsible for allowing scripts, addons, tools and other stuff) has contacted me once regarding the app, but only to tell me to remove the fleet alarm feature. However this feature was the initial reason to start development ;) .
  • Possible way: Help from you. I create a new account on a German or English server in a universe of your choice. You push me up to a certain level and help me to defend the stuff I need to add and test features. I don’t see any reason (aside from the fact that pushing is against the rules in some universes) why this shouldn’t be possible.
  • Worst way:  I create a new account and build up my “empire” on my own. Nope, won’t do that. See problem 1 and 2.
  • Your way: Got a better idea? - Leave a comment!



Another small thing I can’t let stay unmentioned is money. To make one thing clear, I never started to develop this (or any other app) to become rich. However, the advertisement income and the donation is too little to make this a full time job. I’ll start to have a full time job soon so there will be only my free time at the afternoon or on a weekend to develop this app. To get this straight: I’m not complaining about you not donating enough! This app was always a project I liked working on in my free time…. until all of my fleet was destroyed a my resources were stolen. Now even my main-account was deleted because I was offline for to long. – That said, the optimal solution would be for me to get a job at Gameforge. Than it would be my full time job to develop this app ;) .


So, now that you read my problems and complains for more than 700 words, what do you think? Please tell me in the comments!

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  1. Daniel brown sagt:

    Sadly if this app is not available. I will no longer play ogame. Due to my schedule the only way to effectively play it is primarily with phone

  2. Thomas sagt:

    i stopped playing ogame (after about 6 months in 08) and now 18 months till… 2 months ago with 2.7M poits in uni78..
    my account still exists but yeah.. your app was good, it chrashed all the time and i still used the website of ogame, which was nearly as fast if loading pictures was turned off…

    was kinda addicted i think, but guess what.. after all it´s not worth it and with ur programming skill u should start a new projekt i think

    thomas v (computer science student)

  3. John sagt:

    I have a high level account that I would be willing to turn over to you if you still have the time to dedicate to the project. I enjoy using your project and have even taken a look through the code but I haven’t really had much time to dedicate to it.

    If you have the time and all you need is an account to work with, send me an email.

  4. Gustave sagt:

    I’ve got a small 500K Account (6 planets,2 moons) available for testing reasons.

  5. Nexus sagt:

    Maybe you could unite forces with other people creating applications for Android :

    I must say they are really behind concerning accessibility and quality of your app, and I wouldn’t like your app to dissapear !!
    (Without it I would quit Ogame after a few days.)

    So if you can help them upgrading their design, they might be working on the rest and allow you to spend less time on the app…

    I’m just saying this because I’ve become a huge fan of your app. :-)

  6. oguzhan sagt:

    I appriciate your work first of all.. I read that you had an opportunity to reach the guy in development team of ogame. Why you didnt ask them to allow some galaxys to be availible for alert.. and you disallow alert for the other galaxies?

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