why there is no progress on the OGame app – or cya in 6 months

Posted Juli 5th, 2011 in Android, General by ov3rk1ll

As those of you following the projects progress on googlecode or following me on twitter may have noticed, there wasn’t much news about the app lately.

Sadly I’m not writing this post to tell you that this will change. I did fix some bugs and added a few little features that will be released with 0.6.5 sometime this week.

The reason I’m writing this is to tell you that for the next 6 month I won’t have any time to further develop the app. That is because, I life in Austria and we have a mandatory military service, meaning that starting with July 11st I’ll be nowhere near my laptop for half a year. I may have some time to fix huge bug on the weekends but you better not expect any bigger features implemented soon.

But since the app is opensource there my be someone adding new stuff, but I can’t guarantee that.

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  1. Lennart K. sagt:

    i really like the Idea of the app, because gamefore are really noobs in implementing new stuff. Sorry, but just true, accessing Ogame from android is a pain. Your software makes it much better.
    But what I always worry about is logout. I can’t close the app, but by “force killing” it from the application menu. Would love to see some kind of way to close the app.

    PS. good luck on your military service. We just got rid of it here in Germany :) I still had to do it though, but I refused the service at the gun and did civil service instead.

    kind regards

  2. oneshot sagt:

    Hi ov3rk1ll,
    I’ve just tried your app.
    Well done, it’s fantastic!!
    I hope you will continue develope it ;)

  3. Rodrigues sagt:

    Good Work overkill… Good stuff you made were.
    Good luck on military servuce

  4. Lurtz sagt:

    Maybe you could pass the code to someone else that might be interested in developing the app further during your 6 months of access. I would, but don’t know code very well. If someone feels up to it, maybe they could take over for you for awhile.

  5. hurc sagt:

    Good app indeed!!!

    The Gameforge guys are trying to contact you for verifiying the app. But they had no answer probably because of your military service. Good luck btw!

    @Lenneart K: To log off, just press back untill you go out the app. Once you open te app again, you’ll see you have to log in again, so you logged off eventually by pressing back… I think/hope :p

  6. hurc sagt:

    I’m experiencing trouble with the app last 2 days. Just can’t seem to log in!

  7. Charita sagt:

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