OGame for Android goes open source

Posted Februar 12th, 2011 in Android and tagged , by ov3rk1ll

For those of you waiting for it.
The soucecode of the app is now online at http://ogameandroid.googlecode.com.

For more information about contributing to the project, please see the link.

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  1. DiaMorpheus sagt:

    Thank you for open-sourcing it.
    And by the way, the URL is misspelled:
    It reads “gogglecode” instead of “googlecode”.

  2. Arek sagt:

    After installation, the phone slows down. see the slowdown at the start menu and the overall operation of the phone. Useful to the full Polish localization of the interface. Work will continue as a really good app. zte phone android blade 2.1

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