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Posted August 30th, 2010 in General by ov3rk1ll

There are a few things happing I want to share with you.

First let’s start with my android apps:
I got really bad new on that topic… I lost a unique file you need to sign your apps for the market… meaning that I can still upload new apps but can’t update older apps signed with that key.
That wouldn’t be that much of a problem for my free apps but a bigger problem for jWatcher Pro, because people who bought that app would need to re-buy it… But I’ll come up with something…

Talking about jWatcher Pro. There is one thing annoying me a bit:
Free vs Pro
I did not started making apps to get rich but that is a bit extreme. Why am I showing you this? – Maybe to have an excuse for not making any updates…

And now to the brighter things:
There will be a update to jDownloader’s Remote Controll Plugin. When that update comes out I’ll have a new version of jWacher ready for you. I’ll also upload a beta version for the nightly-builds ether here or directly in the market.

About my 2nd app Learn Na’vi for Avatar. I have a new version ready which will bring some improvements like a faster leading speed and a different database containing about 1000 words. Since that database is not controlled by me anymore there are some downs like the lose of the audio examples. But since I can’t update my apps I will upload it as a new app so everyone can decide between over 1000 words and no audio and ~600 words where 100 will have audio ;)

And now I want so say dome words to this blog.
I’m planing to post news about my apps and other projects here along with some (I hope) helpful code-snippets. I think that most of the stuff will be in English, but a few post may be German as well.

See you in the next post.

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